WATCH NOW: Former resident opens chiropractic clinic in Martinsville | Local news

Growing up, Capers Zentmeyer always admired his father’s friend, chiropractor Dr Matt Hill.

Now, about a year after Hill retired from chiropractic practice, Zentmeyer is opening his own clinic.

“Dr. Matt Hill and my father [Gentry Zentmeyer; his mother is Bennette Zentmeyer] are great friends, ”he said. “I grew up seeing what Matt was doing and I was intrigued and interested.”

Capers Zentmeyer is transforming the building at the corner of Virginia Avenue and King’s Mountain Road into a chiropractic clinic that will open in early May.

Holly kozelsky

Mentor and mentee are not in competition; Hill retired about a year ago, he said. Hill’s brother, Isaac Hill, is now working a few days at the Hill Chiropractic Center on Memorial Boulevard, according to the firm’s Facebook page.

Zentmeyer graduated in 2019 from the Life College of Chiropractic at the University of Atlanta. He attended Carlisle School from Grades 3 to 10 and graduated from Martinsville High School where he played football and soccer. He graduated in 2015 from the University of Virginia at Wise, where he played football for four years.

He moved to the snowy state of Michigan for his internship, which he did for 6 months, then worked in the same firm for another 6 months.

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Being in Michigan “was fun,” he said, and it wasn’t too hard to adjust to the snow – it had snowed a lot when he was at UVA-Wise, he said. , then “it was a mild winter” in Michigan while he was there.

He lived about half an hour away from his job, so he certainly had snow driving experience. He just loaded the back of his old 2WD Trailblazer with 50-pound sandbags to weigh down the rear of the vehicle, he said.

Zentmeyer returned home in April 2020 and started planning his own chiropractic clinic. The first step was to find a well-located independent building.

The gray building with the burgundy awning on the corner of Virginia Avenue and King’s Mountain Road, where Bayberry Cottage was located, looked perfect.

Renovations are underway to transform the once open space into two adjustment rooms, a room for a massage therapist and a room for exams and x-rays.

The x-ray machine is expected to arrive on April 19, and other equipment it has ordered includes adjustment tables.

He also plans to bring in a massage therapist, he said, and Rená Watkins will be a chiropractic assistant.

While renovations are underway inside the building, Zentmeyer has been touring the exterior, publicizing his new practice, he said. Once the pandemic restrictions are lifted and things return to normal, he aims to get involved in a Rotary club as well as a sports or athletics club.

What interested him in chiropractic practice was “how holistic it is, how the body can heal itself and all that.” It’s a different approach on how to get rid of pain and how to get rid of problems.

Chiropractic helps relieve back pain, headaches, stiffness in the neck and back, as well as numbness and tingling in the hands and feet, he said. These problems often stem from vehicle accidents or bodily injuries, he said.

Holly Kozelsky is reporting for the Martinsville Bulletin. She can be reached at [email protected]